You must use Meta Business Suite

You might have already noticed quick 'promote' and 'boost' options within the normal Facebook interface, but to have proper control over your ads you need to use a tool called Meta Business Suite.

Dealing with Facebook means managing various different assets that are all linked together in different ways:

  • Pages
  • Instagram accounts
  • Ad accounts
  • Pixels

Over time you'll want to give various people access to all of the above, with different permissions levels. You'll want to be able to remove that access too, as colleagues join and leave the organisation.

That's where Meta Business Suite comes in (formerly known as Facebook Business Manager).

As well as making it easier to manage all these things, it gets you out of the precarious position of having a single login to manage everything and significantly helps in separating work and personal Facebook use.

If you aren't already using Meta Business Suite (MBS) then you really must.

Getting started

Think of MBS as an independent entity, sitting separately from your personal Facebook accounts.

What you'll need to do is:

  1. Set it up
  2. Give it access to all your assets (pages, ad accounts and pixels)
  3. Add people to it (members of your team and any freelancers or agency partners)
  4. Then give those people access to the relevant assets

A quick tour of Meta Business Suite

We wouldn't be the first to say that MBS could be easier to find your way around. The interface is likely to be quite different to what you're used to, and it bears no relation to the main Facebook design. Finding the Ads Manager is trickier than it should be, so let's take a whistle stop tour of MBS's many menus.

After you've logged in, you'll find the Meta Business Suite menu off to the left. It looks like this:

You might think that 'Ads' is where you want to go. This will take you to a streamlined ads interface, which is not what we're focusing on in this course. Instead, you need to select 'All tools', which opens up a considerably larger menu:

If there's one thing Meta like, it's to give you a lot of options. Looking closely, you'll find Ads Manager hidden away in the bottom-left corner, in the Advertise section. Clicking that link will open a new window containing the Ads Manager proper, where we'll be spending most of our time.

You'll end up on the summary page, the contents of which will differ depending on what's happening in your account:

On the left you'll see a new menu:

The icon at the bottom is the one you want. It will switch you over to the campaign view, where you can see what's going on in the account:

To confuse matters further, clicking the menu button on the left now opens up an entirely different set of options:

I didn't screenshot the entire menu because it goes on forever.

This menu provides you with quick access to ads, events, audience and business settings from one place. It's worth bookmarking Ads Manager once you've found it, so that you can jump straight back in without needing to navigate through the rest of MBS.

It should also be noted that Meta are continuously changing MBS, adding and removing sections, altering menu positions, updating the interface and so on. You'll get used to it.

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