If you're completely new to Facebook ads, or have spent too many hours attempting to understand the murky innards of Meta Business Manager, or simply want to brush up on your digital marketing skills, this course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to start running effective Facebook ad campaigns.

Facebook ads can certainly be confusing and intimidating. Even if you know how to set up a campaign, you might not be confident that you've done it in the best way. Through the course we'll be putting together a template you can use to create campaigns quickly and effectively: it'll save you time, reduce your ad spend and hopefully get you better results.

You've probably noticed that Facebook likes to tinker, moving and changing things without much warning. We'll be keeping this course up-to-date so that what we're teaching keeps pace with what Facebook are doing. If you spot something that needs updating please do let us know.

In this section we're going to introduce the basics and make sure you're set up with the tools you'll need. In subsequent sections of the course we'll dive into the specifics of campaigns, ad sets and ads, explaining what exactly they are and how they fit together, before examining reporting and taking a look at some typical examples.

Let's get started.

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